In Search of Justice


Balochistan is the most backward province of Pakistan. Presently it is becoming a place in the world where the largest number of enforced disappearances is taking place, also recognized by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and other Higher Courts. Unfortunately, regardless of the Baloch Missing Persons’ case hearing in the Supreme Court of Pakistan “Human Right Case no. 29833-K” for the past seven years has failed miserably to take any effective step to stop the practice of enforced disappearances or even brings down its number. The estimated figure of enforced disappearance of Baloch is between 10000 and 15000.

In response to the enforced disappearances a long march was held by the families of Baloch missing persons from Quetta to Karachi covering 730 Kilometers and later from Karachi to Islamabad covering another 1468 Kilometers on foot. Despite of death threats, Baloch men, women and children walked 2000 Kilometers in search of justice. But instead of providing justice, the Supreme Court of Pakistan discharged names of many Baloch missing person from its official list.

On the other hand Pakistan’s reluctance to sign the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances clearly indicates the dominance of Pakistan Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies over the government. Pakistan law enforcement agencies DO NOT allow government to take any step to eradicate the practice of enforced disappearances, especially in Balochistan. That is why no government has ever held any serious debate, in the Parliament, to address this issue.

Baloch people hopeless from the Pakistan’s government and judiciary, are now calling upon the Working Group on Enforced Disappearances of the United Nations and other international human right organizations and communities to intervene and take action against serious human right violation in Balochistan by Pakistani Law Enforcement Agencies. Action against such crime by the international community is a dire need of the time or otherwise delay or failure in this regards will lead to more disappearances and killing of Baloch.  It’s also worth mentioning here that families of Baloch missing persons warned that the next long march would be from Pakistan to Geneva.